Online paper submission system

DMConferencePro - CMS
DMConferencePro - CMS is a conference management system that is flexible, easy to use, and has many functions to make it suitable
for various conference requirements.

What DMConferencePro – CMS can help

DMConferencePro - CMS was designed to help conference organizers to cope with the complexity of the submission, reviewing and selecting process:
1. Management and monitoring of the program committee
2. Sophisticated and flexible management of the access of PC members and reviewing of papers.
3. Automatic paper submission
4. Paper assignment based on the preferences of PC members
5. List of submission and tracking
6. Submission of reviews and comment
7. Sending email to PC members, reviewers and authors
8. Monitoring email and notification
9. Preparation of conference proceedings

Online registration system
EzyRegonline is a web base registration system designed by DMC Vietnam that help conference’s organizers to get away from the headache of paper handling and also make it much easy for the attendees to access the conference’s activities by themselves. EzyRegonline is flexible and adaptable to any webpage formats and has the flowing features:   
1. Profile management
2. Registration fee management
3. Logistic management
4. Financial management
5. Automated responses

Mobile App

We design the conference mobile app to match our attendee expectations for ongoing use of cutting edge technologies. Our attendees loved it and it brought in more sponsorship dollars. The app sells itself" with the following feature:
1. Adaptable for iPhone, iPad, and Android
2. Management of notes, messages and reminders
3. Online program management and tracking
4. Sponsors and donor exposure
5. Interactive map and much more

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